ATR Wide-Age-Range
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Resting state functional connectivity dataset of
wide age range from 20's to 60's


ATR Wide-Age-Range Brain Data Repository

ATR Wide-Age-Range Brain Data Repository (resting state functional connectivity: RSFC) from ATR Wide-Age-Range Brain Database Project (WBP; funded by ImPACT Program of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan) is openly available to the scientific community for examination and exploration. We obtained from 192 subjects in total during 10-min resting state fMRI scanning (eyes-open).

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How to download the data
from Wide-Age-Range Brain Data Repository

We invite investigators to apply for access to these data from WBP. Before applying your request, please read the privacy statement. Note that we collect number of applicants, number of data downloading from the database for reports to ImPACT Program at some moment without private information. The brain data is allowed to use for noncommercial purpose only. You are asked to email to us attached a form of "Declaration of Consent" after filling your information and requirements.

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You will be notified by email about how to access the database, where you may log in and download data to your computer. If you have any questions about the brain data, please contact us by email.

NOTE: i) everyone who works with WBP data must review and agree to these terms, including those who are accessing shared copies of this data. If you are sharing WBP data, please advise your co-researchers that they must register with WBP data repository and agree to these terms.


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Title : Resting state functional connectivity
Language : English
Free Keywords : fMRI, resting state, AAL, shen2013, wide age
Contributor : ATR Wide-Age-Range Brain Database Consortium
Item Type : Data
Experimenter : ATR Wide-Age-Range Brain Database Consortium

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Citing Use of Wide-Age-Range Brain Data Repository

We require that you acknowledge WBP as the source of these data in your published manuscripts, conference presentations, etc as follows:

Data collection and sharing for this project was provided by the Wide-Age-Range Brain Database Project (WBP). The WBP Data are provided by Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute International, Kyoto, Japan.

Acknowledgement in Methods Section of publication

Data used in the preparation of this work were obtained from the Wide-Age-Range Brain Database Project Repository ( The WBP data is the result of efforts of co-investigators from the ATR Cognitive Mechanisms Laboratories and Neural Information Analysis Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan.


WBP was funded by funded by ImPACT Program of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. The data is brought to you by ATR ImPACT Wide-Age-Range Brain Data Consortium in Kyoto.


  • Mitsuo Kawato (Leader)
  • Hiroshi Imamizu (Group Leader)
  • Okito Yamashita (Group Leader)
  • Saori Tanaka
  • Takayuki Suyama
  • Takeshi Ogawa
  • Yuki Sakai
  • Takeaki Shimokawa
  • Takatsugu Aihara
  • Masahiro Yamashita
  • Ayumu Yamashita
  • Yu Takagi
  • Shinya Chiyohara
  • Hiroki Moriya
  • Yuto Okada
  • Chang Cai
  • Satoshi Yamamoto
  • Masaki Yonekawa
  • Satoko Kimura
  • Kana Inoue
  • Ken Yano
  • Hirotake Machida

History of update

  • (2017-07-30) Released WBP data repository.

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