Multidisorder MRI
The 3T MRI imaging data from 1627 participants
collected at 7 sites.



The dataset contains the following files.

1) Brain imaging dataset
- data
    - sub-****
        - rsfmri (Resting-state functional image [NIFTI format])
        - t1 (T1-weighted structural image [NIFTI format])
        - fmap (Fieldmap,optional [NIFTI format])

2) Participant demographic information
- participants_diagscore.xlsx (Including ID, age, gender, hand, diagnosis, clinical rating scales)

- README.txt (Explanation of demographic information)

4) MRI protocols
- MRI_protocols.xlsx (Scanning parameters for rs-fMRI and T1w)

5) QC results
- group_bold.tsv and group_T1w.tsv (output of MRIQC for rs-fMRI and T1w)

Batch download

Data Download

* MD5 hash : b34a9da068cc0f38ccc26430577fe9b1
* As file size is large ( 89.8GB ), downloading takes time.
* This file is stored in Amazon S3 Service.

Split download

File MD5 hash File Size Link
SRPB1600.tar.gz.aa 15e467a30b28c94c7981484456bcd127 5000MB
SRPB1600.tar.gz.ab 372ef36cc0b72858e64775712f623aac 5000MB 6c54473546a36301a1e6dbae523c1602 5000MB f785c7027ee3566ba2bd9fb66ef1770a 5000MB 2147f16ff60822d111df1265f13ab18d 5000MB 16bac73b5804e3f07d6ba0699a923710 5000MB 0c69a61cc0ddb0425e36419f2b21d184 5000MB
SRPB1600.tar.gz.ah f6dbdb71565b0f36aaf5eeb89fc0ee9a 5000MB cd8bcc524de113000866a14a5cf43535 5000MB
SRPB1600.tar.gz.aj 34eeda6d621c7db3692b16677d6c4f28 5000MB
SRPB1600.tar.gz.ak 768f8dea9182d947602d0afad7dea84e 5000MB 36f16079260245b56a74ae8b5e35c760 5000MB adbe0d1e5fd018a13fe3c09665c81277 5000MB 825104d3e1daeb49718e8a7858ef0677 5000MB 05b0a3f4a3f4f32b8a1cab2088dfce22 5000MB
SRPB1600.tar.gz.ap 544a1fb2221fea191eb5c9789bd37f1e 5000MB 6090196b7ac6c61f73ce4c7b6ef97574 5000MB 019a1d1a9c51bbd63c109b0d20916371 5000MB 1cf79562d3e79953a3ef40df1ab26f0e 5000MB

* Total File Size ( 89.8GB )
* These files are stored in Amazon S3 Service.
* After Downloading all files, combine them with the following command. ( Linux/Mac )
cat SRPB1600.tar.gz.* > SRPB1600.tar.gz

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How to download the data

We invite investigators to apply for access to these data. Before applying your request, please read the privacy statement. Note that we collect number of applicants, number of data downloading from the database for reports to DecNef Project at some moment without private information. The brain data is allowed to use for noncommercial purpose only. You fill in the registration form and upload an "Application Form for Data Usage", after filling your information and requirement. You need to sign the application form. You can upload an image (or photo) file of your signature separately.

You will be notified by email about how to access the dataset, where you may log in and download data to your computer. If you have any questions about the brain data, please contact us by email (

NOTE: i) everyone who works with these data must review and agree to these terms, including those who are accessing shared copies of this data. If you are sharing data, please advise your co-researchers that they must register with these data repositories and agree to these terms.

Privacy Statement

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