Multidisorder Connectivity Dataset
Resting state functional connectivity dataset of the patients from the 8 sites, 14 scanners.


Here we released the resting state functional connectivity dataset of the patients from the 15 scanners:

(1) Resting state functional connectivity (rs-FC) matrix file ( *.mat)
- 10-min, resting state fMRI [number of participants * number of functional connectivities]

(2) Participant demographics information (SUBINFO_*.tsv) - Including ID, age, sex, hand, rate of excluded volume, number of excluded volume

(3) README file (ReadMe_*.txt) - Explaining scanning parameters and contents of demographics information for each site

(4) README file (README.txt) - Explaining contents and site information

The structure of dataset (each directory includes rs-FC file, demographic information file, and Readme file):

  ├── README.txt
  ├── ATR
  │   ├── HC
  │   ├── OCD
  │   └── OCD-oblique
  ├── Cambridge
  ├── CiNet
  ├── HiroshimaU
  ├── KPUM
  ├── KyotoU
  │   ├── DEP
  │   ├── HC
  │   └── SSD
  ├── OsakaU
  ├── ShowaU
  ├── TravelingSubjects
  └── UTO
      ├── UTO_GEMR750W_30_AAL
      ├── UTO_GEMR750W_30_BAL
      └── UTO_GEMR750W_30_R93


Please refer to our published paper for detailed methods; preprocessing and atlas information to generate functional connectivity matrix.
- Yahata, N., Morimoto, J., Hashimoto, R. et al. A small number of abnormal brain connections predicts adult autism spectrum disorder. Nat Commun 7, 11254 (2016).
- Tanaka, S.C., Yamashita, A., Yahata, N. et al. A multi-site, multi-disorder resting-state magnetic resonance image database. Sci Data 8, 227 (2021).


Data Download

* MD5 hash : ca16e4049f35a51622f104d24407d59b
* As file size is large ( 175.6MB ), downloading takes time.
* This file is stored in Amazon S3 Service.

Consortium Sites



Scanner :
Participants :
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) / Healthy controls (HC)
Number of Data :
OCD 4 / HC 108
Tokyo Univ.

University of Tokyo

Scanner :
GE, Philips
Participants :
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) / Major depressive disorder (MDD) / Schizophrenia (SCZ) / Bipolar disorder (BPD) / Dysthymia / Other psychiatric disorders (Other) / Healthy controls (HC)
Number of Data :
ASD 10 / MDD 62 / SCZ 35 / BPD 41 / Dysthymia 4 / Other 28 / HC 170
Osaka Univ.

Osaka University

Scanner :
Participants :
Intractable neuropathic pain (INP) / Post-stroke without pain (PSP) / Healthy controls (HC)
Number of Data :
INP 43 / PSP 10 / HC 29
Showa Univ.

Showa University

Scanner :
Participants :
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) / Schizophrenia (SCZ) / Healthy controls (HC)
Number of Data :
ASD 115 / SCZ 19 / HC 101
Kyoto Univ.

Kyoto University

Scanner :
Participants :
Schizophrenia (SCZ) / Depression (DEP) / Healthy controls (HC)
Number of Data :
SCZ 92 / DEP 16 / HC 234
Hiroshima Univ.

Hiroshima University

Scanner :
GE, Siemens
Participants :
Depression (DEP) / Healthy controls (HC)
Number of Data :
DEP 173 / HC 261

Collaborative Sites

Kyoto Pref. Univ.

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine (KPUM)

Scanner :
Participants :
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
Number of Data :

CiNet (NICT)

Scanner :
Participants :
Back pain / Healthy controls (HC)
Number of Data :
33 (Cambridge University)
63 (CiNet)

Traveling Subjects Data

Traveling Subjects Data

History of update

  • (2021-4-15) Dataset was updated.
  • (2019-11-7) CiNet data updated.
  • (2018-5-31) Tokyo University data released.
  • (2018-5-14) Traveling subjects data released.
  • (2018-4-23) Osaka University, Showa University, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine data released.
  • (2017-4-23) ATR data updated.
  • (2018-4-13) Kyoto University data released.
  • (2018-4-6) Hiroshima University data released.
  • (2017-4-5) ATR data updated.
  • (2017-11-21) CiNet data released.
  • (2017-11-10) ATR data released.


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