Multidisorder MRI
The 3T MRI imaging data from 1410 participants
collected at 11 sites.


* Data are available for subjects of Multidisorder MRI Dataset
who agreed to unrestricted release.

The dataset contains the following files.

1) Brain imaging dataset
- data
    - sub-****
        - rsfmri (Resting-state functional image [NIFTI format])
        - t1 (T1-weighted structural image [NIFTI format])
        - fmap (Fieldmap,optional [NIFTI format])

2) Participant demographic information
- (Including ID, age, gender, hand, diagnosis and supplementary demographic information)

- README.txt (Explanation of demographic information)

4) MRI protocols
- MRI_protocols.xlsx (Scanning parameters for rs-fMRI and T1w)

5) QC results
- group_bold.tsv and group_T1w.tsv (output of MRIQC for rs-fMRI and T1w)

Batch download

Data Download

* MD5 hash : 454fe228a435e5bf4b3d3e1eb491f870
* As file size is large ( 75.4GB ), downloading takes time.
* This file is stored in Amazon S3 Service.

Split download

File MD5 hash File Size Link
SRPBS_open.tar.gz.aa 2a4b37c58f9f5662ef4348b868d56929 5000MB
SRPBS_open.tar.gz.ab 108a931adcf404cf70e6990192640dbf 5000MB 346bdda6ecbd875f62beaf5577da2257 5000MB 227f67550fa313350f6e1de5340b0286 5000MB 4094531427e8f2cc0b7ed743dd643dd3 5000MB 7b7b89f244413a150a6aefe5744b18b2 5000MB 9035460de91311df03873ea1b053f50a 5000MB
SRPBS_open.tar.gz.ah 9d6d67fbb5616c773f189d96b05a7909 5000MB 90a164ff974728ed9e314b7d9c88cd73 5000MB
SRPBS_open.tar.gz.aj ac7ea3c402b77a85e2c877ebf1687a1e 5000MB
SRPBS_open.tar.gz.ak 46d6b64dd643f3f621ca38953afff22f 5000MB 37a8c7def9015f5f33871cc49d0a4edc 5000MB 040d89847b63bc49ca56e694ef8a4908 5000MB 9d22e2234edb0a683ee74f68659a7295 5000MB 376215aa73d002ddb90e8d294e463444 5000MB
SRPBS_open.tar.gz.ap 685a8ead8c5ca833616a48d7cc48235f 2177MB

* Total File Size ( 75.4GB )
* These files are stored in Amazon S3 Service.
* After Downloading all files, combine them with the following command. ( Linux/Mac )
cat SRPBS_open.tar.gz.* > SRPBS_open.tar.gz

History of update


How to download the data

All applicants who use data fill out the form for new registration. Your account information for login is issued via email automatically. You can use the data by logging in with that account.

You may not use the dataset for commercial purposes. You may not copy and redistribute the dataset.

If you publish manuscripts using this dataset, you agree to acknowledge the DecNef Project Brain Data Repository as a source of data and include sentences that are similar to the following: “Data used in the preparation of this work were obtained from the DecNef Project Brain Data Repository ( gathered by a consortium as part of the Japanese Strategic Research Program for the Promotion of Brain Science (SRPBS) supported by the Japanese Advanced Research and Development Programs for Medical Innovation (AMED)”

Privacy Statement

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